If you need a cheap and easy way of keeping the air in your home clean electronic air cleaners are a good option. These work simply and purify the air in your home by means of basic electrostatic technology. The electrostatic principle states that opposite charges attract one another. What electronic purifiers do is collect the air and give the particles in it a particular charge. These particles then get drawn to a plate built within the purifier, where they are collected and are thus removed from your breathing air. The electronic air cleansers are thus a kind of filter free purifier, a smart and easy way of keeping the air you breathe clean.

Here’s why YOU need a air purifier. You know, or at least have a vague idea about, the kind of substances you inhale every time you breathe. From dirt particles to unhealthy fumes, the air around you is a gold mine of everything which shouldn’t find its way into your body. What an air cleanser does is pull these substances out of the air and tuck it away on the plates inside the machine. Of course these plates must be cleaned regularly, and let’s face it that’s far easier a task than cleaning the air around us on the whole! So get yourself to wipe these plates periodically with a damp cloth and get a dust-fume-free surrounding in return, a fair exchange I would say.

If you are planning to get yourself an air cleanser make sure you check to see that its plates are nice and big. The bigger the plates the greater the machine’s capacity to keep your air clean and the lesser number of time you will be required to clean it. Also a cleanser with a stronger power field is definitely a good buy. The more power it has the greater its efficiency.

So some of you might grumble along about the kind of cleaning you have to do to keep this machine running, but let’s face it, this small maintenance job is well worth the clean air you get in return. Your cleanser removes 95% (!) of the irritating particles from your air (which you don’t even know exists, until of course they make you sneeze and sniff).

You and your family deserve pure clean air, in this day and age when the definition of purity itself has become adulterated Electronic air cleaners are your ultimate chance to obtain that clean whiff of air.